• For corporations

    We are a company that is focusing on contracting

    It is expected that future revisions of the Worker Dispatching Act will include many restrictive terms and conditions regarding the hiring of temporary staff, making the long-term hiring of temporary workers difficult, resulting in greater risk for companies who use temporary workers. In light of these circumstances, we are transforming into a contracting bussines in order to reduce total costs and improve?operational efficiencies for companies who use temporary workers by implementing the following measures to mitigate these companies′ operating risk:

    1. Simplify compliance with the revised Worker Dispatching Act
    2. Adjust labor expenses according with workload variations on a timely basis
    3. Reliably Secure Workers
    4. Improve quality together with our corporate customers

    We mainly carry out outsourced exterior car parts casting, sanding, painting, and assembly processes.
    In addition, we carry out outsourced die machining, milling, and other related work.

    Furthermore, we can carry out not only outsourced manufacturing, but also outsourcing in areas including
    restaurants, agriculture and transportation. We prioritize meeting customer needs, and providing customers.